If you run a business and want to create impact and transformation, you came to the right place. YES! You can make money on Instagram too!

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I spent 5 years working in content marketing for personal brands, local businesses, and large companies.  After starting my business during the pandemic, I decided to leverage Instagram, landing my first three clients in less than 2 months of posting content. 

People reached out to me DIRECTLY, asking about my services through my content client attraction methods. In 2022, Instagram emailed me about their bonus program, so I get paid for every reel that I post based on views.  My students have also monetized their social media platforms WITHOUT a huge following, sending messages to strangers, or using shady sales tactics.

And guess what? You can get clients for your business and make money on Instagram too! 

But using old, outdated strategies that no longer work won’t help with your consulting or coaching business. You need a solid marketing strategy that works for YOUR business.

Before developing my inbound and outbound marketing strategy, I lost followers, struggled on unemployment, and made zero dollars from the followers I already had.  

In my coaching program, Consistent Clients on Instagram, I teach my students proven, repeatable strategies to run a profitable business

Ready to say goodbye to your stressful job? Are you ready to sleep in on Mondays, make your own schedule, and be the CEO of your own life?

Accelerate Your Results! Consistent Clients on Instagram (CCI) Provides:

Are you ready to apply simple, step-by-step strategies to run a profitable business? Start making money on Instagram in 60 days or less.                     

See You Inside! 

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